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Earth, Wind, and Sky


Earth,Wind, and Sky

I made this image at Kasha Katuwe. The landscape has been sculpted by the elements over eons, and the place has a mystical quality about it. The hike follows a path through an arroyo that grows increasingly narrower until you find yourself in a slot canyon. In places the way is so narrow that two people cannot pass at once. Looking up, you see a sliver of sky.

Once the path exits the narrows, it begins to climb, and you are suddenly looking down on the way you’ve come. There are several vantage points where you can look out over the landscape for miles around. The most prominent feature are the tent rocks which are carved from volcanic pumice and tuff topped with boulders which keep them from eroding away completely This photo was taken about three quarters of the way to the top.

In the background you can see tent rocks in the making, being shaped by an infinitely patient sculptor (mother nature); they will be on display in a couple of million years. Again, I made basic adjustments in lightroom and photoshop.