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Archive for December 27, 2009

Egg Garden Revisited

Here is another image of the Egg Garden at the Bisti Badlands. There is something about being out in the middle of nowhere with no trails or signs to guide me–OK I did have a GPS and a topo map–that is very satisfying. Out of the nine designated badlands in the San Juan Basin, I have visited five: De–Na–Zin, Bisti, Lybrook, Ceja Pelon, and Ojitos. The next one on my list is Ah–Shi–Sle–Pah which is located between the Bisti/De–Na–Zin Wilderness and Chaco Canyon.

This photo shows more of the other–worldly rock formations in the Egg Garden. They look as though something just hatched, and may be feeding nearby.

Equipment: Nikon D200, Nikkor 17–35 mm f 2.8 zoom lens, circular polarizer, Bogen tripod.

Camera Settings: f22, 1⁄15th sec., ISO 100, RAW.

Processing: Contrast, clarity, vibrance, and saturation adjustments in Adobe Lightroom, curves adjustment, and RAW conversion in Photoshop.