photography from the ground up

Ojito Landscape

This is another image from the Ojito Wilderness. I can’t seem to get enough of that place. The scenery is stunning and expansive. There are hoodoos, petroglyphs, dinosaur bones, fossils, and petrified trees. I’ve only explored a small corner of it; there are innumerable canyons ,mesas, and arroyos that beckon me each time I visit.

This location is not far off the main road. It is in the area known as Hoodoo Pines due to the numerous hoodoos and dwarf ponderosa pine trees that can be found there.

Equipment: Nikon D300, Nikon 17–35 mm f2.8 zoom lens, circular polarizer, Bogen tripod.

Camera Settings: f 13, 1/80th sec., ISO 400

Processing: Contrast, clarity, vibrance, saturation adjustments, and RAW conversion in Adobe Lightroom, curves in Photoshop.

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