photography from the ground up

The Compass Stone

This is an image from my last trip to Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah. This eroded stone seemed to be pointing the way to something. I took the time while setting up this photo to get my bearings with my GPS and I noticed that the stone was pointing directly west. So, it became my compass stone.

The surrounding sandstone has been etched over the ages and in places seems to be carved by a human hand. I am planning another trip to Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah soon. It is a mystical place. It is also one of my Photo Tours locations.

I made this image using my Nikon D700 and my Nikkor 17-35 mm f2.8 wide angle zoom lens with a circular polarizer mounted on a Bogen 3021PRO tripod. Aperture was set to f22, shutter speed was 1/30th sec, and ISO was set to 100.

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